warm design for classic sessions



Our studio is located in downtown Rüttenscheid, only a few minutes drive from the Folkwang Museum with an interior design of new and the old, creating that cosy warm balance to state of the art photographic gear.

The studio is at the same time a gallery space, hosting in-house exhibitions and presentations that are scheduled over the year.

You could always view some of our exhibited photographs over a coffee or tea and get to explore the behind the scenes picture-stories, even though you might just happen to walk-in for a portrait session, turn your images into a fine-art print or consult us for your wedding.

We only accept appointments by reservation and intentionally avoid regular open hours as practice proves that we do our very best, when there is enough white space to work on ones craft and be a good listener during a client inquiry.

The working languages of the studio consist predominately of German and English as well as of Tamil to add just that right doze of linguistic and cultural flavour, as we find our client's mind-set to be truly glocal (global+local).