2017 in review, photographically!

                                                                                                                                   A clients' office space                                    

                                                                                                                                   A clients' office space                                    

Finally found the time and space to review some professional challenges from last year as well as to feather through some of the experiences gathered by engaging in experimental photographic projects beyond my studio-gallery walls.

Firstly, a year ago, this website (www.with-light.org) was launched replacing two sites dating back to 2009 and 2013. Both sites fell victim to a hacker.

Shutting down two existing sites and creating a new one in place in no time was no easy feat particularly in terms of the creative and back end workload involved.

Since my previous two sites were consciously catered to two distinct genres of photography -photojournalism and my commercial studio crafting, it was a challenge to design a visual representation of my previous body of work and what I was and becoming – a composite of a creative journey.

And yet the hard work paid off!

We received a very good response from our on line visitors with reference to its visual presentation, thoughtful copy, and simplicity in design that spoke to our brand above all for its user-friendliness.


Secondly, my voluntary participation in the school project; ‘Dem Fremden Begegnen’ is worth mentioning. A project initiated by the Freier Waldorf Schule in Essen, the classical music collaboration in bringing together students from different social and ethnic backgrounds culminated in a highly impressive concert at the Essen Philharmonie.

Accompanying elementary to high-schoolers from all walks of life for weeks was a highly potent learning experience as an observer, witnessing not just visual moments but the process of an original musical process amongst kids that evolved into their final performance.


Thirdly, a series of experimental on location portrait secessions followed in finding ways to find my own style of street photography.

Fourthly, the opportunity to portrait eastern classical musicians in the Indian Hindustani tradition by passively engaging with their music and unique composites as performed in the studio, that marked rare and yet elevating moments.


Fifthly, in the course of the year, I took part in three exhibitions, which were local initiatives to support efforts of independent visual artists and their galleries located in and around Essen-Süd (South). 

I. The Rü Art 2017

II. Kunstspür 2017

III: Current exhibition until the 30th of January 2018 at the goldsmiths, ‘Zwei machen Schmuck’ in Essen, Rüttenscheid.


The participation at the exhibitions was experimental in displaying my limited edition fine-art prints (from capture to paper) to a local audience and in getting to know their response first-hand.

Finally, while spending my summer holidays with family in Cambridge, UK I had the delightful experience of documenting a specialty coffee roastery; Hot Numbers along with the experience of tasting their new coffee blends in the making.


As each year before that, I continued to involve with voluntary photojournalistic news reporting, amongst which being at the site of the Grenfell tower was most shattering.

Other than that lifestyle photography related to an ordinary life was limited to a few selected events from which I would like to share a black and white, one of my favorites from last year.


Thus comes this summary review to a close with a conclusion to resume with the series: Picture Stories throughout the coming weeks and months.

I wish you have a good start to the year!

Yours through the lens,  Shan.