strokes of Ink on crisp cotton-Paper



When your eyes are bored of monotony


seek creative inspiration


You are someone, who frequent chain home-stores and is weary of seeing the same photograph again and again, but is actually looking for that unique image that you intuitively know could pep up your daily grind?

You are someone, who sneak peek the art galleries in town and wonder how it is like to have a museum quality print in your own living room?

You are someone, who love taking photographs, but wonder, whether it’s ever worth a print let alone as a gift, when they feel so lacklustre in an ordinary print?


Most people enjoy a lovely image that is out of the device

that lives and breathes.

 And such an image needs not cost a fortune.


A Fine-art print is an art-lovers conscious investment in acid free paper and pigment inks - a combination that gives an image a very long life.


We use time-tested, earth-friendly 100% cotton-based and hand made fine-art paper along with complimentary inks for all prints at our gallery studio.

If you ever decide to invest in your own works of photography, or alternatively want to reward your sense of philanthropy by empowering a kindred local artist, we could help you with both.





"I went there to get nice prints of my favourite photographs. I left with amazing prints of beautiful images, and a full-on look behind the curtains, and numerous pieces of hands-on advice for improving my photography. With-Light offers more than just taking beautiful pictures of you."
Georg Drennig