Capturing your authentic self

As long as men can breath or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this will give life to thee.
— William Shakespeare, Sonnet 18


When anxiety overtakes your love for photography


You are someone, who loves the idea of having that one signature portrait of you and yet cringe at the thought of walking into a studio?

You adore good photographs of wonderful people, whom you know but pretty much second-guess, whether you are self-indulgent or a snob of the town to have your own?

You often take your smart-phone for a ride and yet mull over the idea, whether it’s time to seek a photographer for real and, whether it’s still worth the trouble? 


Let us tell you that you are definitely not alone.


In fact, only a handful of people consider themselves to be photogenic, portrait-worthy and are pristine clear, whether it’s ever the right time to stand in front of a lens.

Well, in the history of photography, good portraits were all about real people captured in their true humanity - then and there as they were and becoming – those are the kind of portraits that transcend time, place and become timeless.

The simple truth is that there is nothing wrong in striving for one.


In fact, if you are all set to confront your fear gremlins and decide to walk into our studio - we are committed to guide you through a simple yet enriching experience of co-creation capturing your best self, right where you are at and is becoming.  

We make a distinct effort to understand and connect with you in a getting to know conversation, which will help us as visual storytellers to highlight your distinct character alongside your passions and interests.


We guarantee you a rewarding portrait session so that you could walk away with three full resolution digital images, forever changed to be the true lover of photography you deserve to be,  also in deed.




"Es gibt Millionen von Portraits, und doch fällt, wenn auch ganz selten, eines aus dem Rahmen, in den es sicher gehört."